Im bitching about homestuck

if u use a felt typing quirk i will kick you in the goddamn teeth

I like the new joke better, I think it fits with the aracial thing better

and like

andrews a really cool guy. I’ve met him, and he doesn’t seem like a malicious fellow at all. So while i’m glad people are accepting his apology, i’m frustrated that people are surprised that he’s apologized

he’s a human being, he makes mistakes, and he’s not unapologetic or anything, becuase his comic is about making people laugh. He’s not trying to cover his ass as some sort of  ”now they wont give me money” stunt.

I’ve made social justice mistakes too

doesn’t mean i’m a bad person

also he’s dating rachel, and rachel is pretty good at this stuff, so he’s not being like cyberbullied into it either.

those are my thoughts.

the comic was better before [insert arbitrary milestone here]

>calls out sexism is other people’s work

>completely oblivious to all the sexism riddling their own

If anyone attributes part 2 of the cascade song to anyone but snowman and slick i hate them

lmao at the music team getting their panties in a twist about owl city

more proof that musicians are literal children.

> makes AU where bad guys are good guys

> makes fanart of au bad guys if they were bad guys

> what

> what

in a post about headcanons for actors, they picked-

  • an actor born in 1954 for Slick
  • an actor born in 1952 for Boxcars
  • an actor born in 1944 for Deuce 
  • an actor born in 1981 for Droog

a++ casting you really put some effort into balancing things out

Oh man do you guys remember all those horrible abuses Jack Noir suffered under the Black Queen’s rule? Like when he had to wear the same uniforms as everyone else?  Or that time she told him to wear his uniform? And that time she went to his office and gave him about a fifty different variations of prototyped uniforms to wear, and when he refused to wear any of them, she threatened him and he murdered her? God, what an awful bitch. Just look at that long list of awful indignities suffered by poor Jack Noir. 

and carapacian fans continue to be incredibly entitled and to act like children because hussie won’t spend a ton of money have items manufactured that we all know will never sell out or even sell enough to recoup the costs. 

how dare he focus on characters that the bulk of the fanbase gives a fuck about and are willing to pay money for